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Take It To The Floor-DJ Heather M & Budda- Dance Video

I have always wanted to be in a Music Video and this January I got the chance…
I was in NY shooting my upcoming film, Women and Sometimes Men, for the week and one of my oldest girl friends Heather M graciously offered to share her home with me.  During my stay we got to catch up on all things female: work, love, life, etc.  And one morning while I was on set filming, another opportunity presented itself…  I had a thought pop into my head that said “I should be in Heathers next music video”.  As life would have it I got home from work that same day and Heather proceeded to tell me that she would be shooting a music video for her new song, Take It To The Floor, the next morning.  I laughed and said “I think I’m supposed to be in it”.  Knowing that when synchronicity shows up in life it’s usually for a reason.
Shooting this video was a new experience for me that felt risky on many levels… It all happened very fast and without any prior thought or preparation (on my end anyway), it was like a film but without any dialogue (which for me is crucial to get into character), I had to “make out” with a random man I just met moments before, and once I was back in LA we needed more footage, which would consist of me willingly choosing to expose myself pole dancing (um, normally I do it in a dark room in the safety of other supportive women!).
Honestly, sometimes my job is terrifying and part of me would prefer to hide out somewhere quietly by myself but then I know would miss out on so many cool new experiences.  So I put my big girl pants on and do what artists were born to do- share ourselves publicly.  Today I’m a dominatrix/S&M/pole dancer, and tomorrow, I could be a nun.  Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t.  At the end of the day as long as I’m challenging myself outside of my own comfort zone and experiencing something new, than it’s been a good day.