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Renee Lawless Goes Beyond: The Haves And The Have Nots

Renee Lawless is a strong southern woman from Knoxville Tennessee.  She has a background in theater- if you couldn’t tell by her voice- and currently you can find her starring as Katheryn Cryer on Tyler Perry’s The Haves And The Have Nots.

Renee and I met in acting class last year and I immediately got a kick out of her boisterous personality.  What really charmed me though was what I experienced one day when she allowed us to witness a deeply emotional scene of hers.

If you’ve ever been to an acting class- you know that shit can get real- fast.  It takes a lot of trust, and a lot of chutzpah, to stand up in front of an entire class and allow them to witness your raw uncensored self.  And on that particular Thursday I got a peak into Renee’s…

I learned that not only is Renee a spitfire southern woman but underneath that veneer of strength she encompasses this extraordinarily innocent, almost childlike persona.   It was as if I got to step back in time with her and experience her as a little girl.  It was beautiful.  And a gift.  And it reminded me that innocence is never really lost, only waiting to be uncovered again.

In this clip from our interview Renee and I briefly discuss faith and how she stays committed to practicing mindful living in her daily life.   And though what she calls her higher power may differ from my verbiage, to me they are both very much the same thing.  The experience we achieve in communicating with source serves the same purpose for us both, getting us back to base.


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