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Mother’s Day

As a mother I think I speak for all mothers, every day is Mother’s Day. As we’re aware, it is usually a thankless job. This job is never ending-thankfully. The joy always outweighs the hardships, the heartaches, and all of the difficulties of child raising.

It is such a thankless job, that we’ve created a day in which to honor, remember, and thank her. It is the hardest , longest most enduring, most rewarding, job I have ever had the pleasure of occupying. Nothing we do is more important, all consuming, and encompassing than motherhood. No job more demanding, requiring more obligation, duty, responsibility, expectation… It is work.

Valuable, worthwhile, satisfying , are the profits that override the disappointment, sourness, displeasing, disheartening and unrewarding. Mother’s Day is one day, set aside, to mark and remember, the exceptional, the exclusive, and specialness of our determination, endurance and ever, all encompassing love.

We are intrusive, invasive, loud, obnoxious, snoopy, naggy, bothersome… and yet we hold on, hold dear, our examples, our purpose our ideals, knowing or hoping, with or without a special day, love will return, once again to us. Thankfully, I don’t have to wait for that one day a year to feel appreciated, for it now comes almost daily.

We raise them, hold them tight, then let them go… crossing our fingers once again, wishing they fly and soar, hoping someday for their return. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers today and every day.

Jane Johnson aka Lindsey’s Mommy