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Meditation Cheat Sheet- Banzai Labs Binaural Beats App

There is a place we can go (hint: it already resides within us), where we connect to a greater depth of awareness.  It is all knowing, and can guide and direct us in unison with the heartbeat of the entire universe.  In this space our mind quiets down, we are calm, hyper-focused, present and alert.  Things move in slow motion, the world looks more vibrant and more beautiful than before, and we feel euphoric and invincible.  This is the realm of Higher Consciousness.  And this state is available in everything we do.  A LIMITLESS type of way to walk through life, minus the little clear pill.  The more we frequent this space the better we become at tapping in and riding the wave for longer periods of time.  It’s been called “The Zone” or “Flow State”, I happen to believe it is our true nature.  We can access this flow in many ways: By extreme situations, through the euphoria of orgasm, high performance sports, and also through the less vigorous; Meditation.

MEDITATION.  It can be a scary word, evoking feelings of “You want me to sit still in one place and not think ANYTHING??”  In actuality it’s not so much about not thinking anything but more about being able to watch and observe your thoughts go by fluidly versus becoming attached to them and needing to endlessly chase after them.  Like all good things, it takes practice.  From as young as 13 years old I can remember working on the set of Saved By The Bell: The New Class and telling my on-set teachers I was going to go sit in the adjoining room and meditate.  At that age I honestly had no idea what meditation was or how I even came up with the idea to begin with- most probably I was trying to get out of PE or something- However, I would sit there with my legs crossed and peacefully listen to my Gregorian Chant Monk music.  Now all these years later (and numerous trips to India, Ashrams, Yoga, TM, Vedic Mantra,  studies, etc. -whew!), I have honed my practice and I am happy to share a cheat sheet with you.

Binaural Beats are soothing sounds that alter your brain waves to get you to the promised land much, much, faster.  By listening to the sound of ocean waves and a deep humming vibration, you can transcend normal waking consciousness and attain deeply powerful Alpha and Theta states of mind, safely and speedily.  I use Banzai Labs Brain Wave App, it’s just potent enough to help me access the deep meditative state I am looking for, without rendering me entirely useless.  Oh, and it’s super fun to use this bad boy on the plane when I meditate and watch the people next to me relax and fall asleep, it’s like my own personal magic trick!  Banzai’s App makes it more worth my while to take the 5-40 minutes out of my day and tap in.  There are options for every need… “Morning Coffee”, “Stress Reduction”, “Problem Solving”.  Meditations for anxiety, sleep, and even one for a Hangover.  My personal favorite though is Euphoria.  There are so many benefits and positives to adding a meditation practice to your lifestyle: Reduces stress, anxiety, and blood pressure; Decreases depression; Decreases inflammation; Improves brain function; Improves digestion; Increases immunity; Heightened concentration and brain function; Aids in learning and memory abilities; And leads to more compassion and Introspection.  There are also studies that show how group meditation on a large scale decreases violent crime rates globally.

So with all of these absolutely incredible and medically proven benefits, AND a cheat sheet, how can we not take the time to tap into this happy, healing, space for ourselves and the world?