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Magic Mike XXL & What Women Want

Recently my friends and I went out for a girls night to see Magic Mike XXL.   And boy did this film take us for a ride, and I don’t just mean a Pony ride!  Once all of the hoots, hollers and gleeful giggles had subsided, we stepped out of the theater transformed.  And stepped into a world where every man, busboy, waiter and innocent bystander, had the potential (in our minds) to break out in a seductive dance or hop onto a table and start stripping.  We for a moment saw men the way that they must see women.

Not only did we get a glimpse into a man’s world but Channing Tatum, and the entire cast of MM, showed us a whole new way that women can be appreciated and adored.  Which made me realize two things: One, woman have been objectified in our culture, in movies, ads, tv, etc. for so long that it has become common place for a man to look at her as an object, his own personal sex object.  And Two, women are desperately lacking having our own desires and fantasies, catered to, and fulfilled.   Magic Mike begins the conversation to filling that void.

Everyone thinks they know why women flock to see MM XXL (or 50 Shades of Grey for that matter)…  People are under the impression that women are just like men, that we go to watch this movie for the mostly naked, buff, shaved, sexed up bodies.  Don’t get me wrong they’re definitely impeccable but that’s not the only reason we’re here, if we wanted to that we could just go to a gym.  We are watching this movie because the men in it know how to treat women.  Know how to play into our fantasies tease us.

These men are strong, sensitive, and giving women their full attention.  No age, color, or shape is off limits, each as beautiful and worthy as the next.  Tatum knows what turns women on (being and emotionally connected to his body, mind, and spirit while fully engaging with us) and he exploits it to the fullest degree.

So, why do we eat it up?

Because women are hungry!  Women have just as many desires as men but they are not often being met.  Women are aroused by every single one of our 5 senses, and probably even our sixth.  We long for multiple kinds of stimuli (not merely visual) and today we live in a very visual society that caters mostly to a man’s desires.

Men are bombarded with sexually explicit images all day long; See a woman walk down the street, she’s scantily dressed, it’s suggestive to the male brain; Watch a TV commercial and there’s a woman looking at you while eating a burger like she wants to f*%k you; Not to mention the porn that is readily available on every single mobile device.  Men are overloaded with images that have the potential to get them off.

So where does that leave women?  Frankly we’re bored, and a little uncomfortable.  We know we have more to offer than this, and we’re dying for you to know it too!

Women long to have an entire world to play in.  One with a beginning, middle, and end.  Where sight, smell, taste, touch and sound all come together for one uniquely, explosive and memorable experience.  And guess what ladies, that’s not too complicated, it’s just who we are!  We want all of our desires fulfilled during one experience!

We long for adventure, mystery, the unknown.  We want to be teased, maybe even tortured a little- in a good way.  We want to be tied to a bed post, role play, be put in a sex cage/swing thing (Whhaaat is that amazing contraption, and where can I get one now?!).  All the while knowing we are safe during the process.  We want to explore what we’ve never experienced before…

Since the beginning of time women have been described as goddesses.  Harnessing some unknown, deeply seductive, power that cannot be defined or tamed.  In America 2015, we have somehow lost that knowledge and our flames have been squelched.  Whether it was forced upon us historically by the male species, or self induced by us because it’s easier than standing in our own light, doesn’t matter.  It’s time to embrace our radiant femininity, own the powerhouses that we are, and share our divine selves with the world!

If we want to see what the male and female species are really made of, then we must learn to co-create with one another- in the bedroom, and everywhere else.

Ladies, if we want men to help fulfill us, we must be willing to open up and share ourselves!  It’s up to us to get in touch with our deepest desires, then invite men to join us  for the ride.

The more we are each willing to openly embrace and nurture this deeply raw, primal, sensuality inside of ourselves, the happier and more fulfilled we will all be.

So thank you, Magic Mike, for forging the way.