Home Fit Friday I AM A WONDER WOMAN !


It’s great to be a woman in 2017!

Wait, am I the only one that thinks that..?  Nah!

With movies like Wonder Woman how could the fem race be failing??  I’d say we’re on the up and up.  And I’d say it’s a matter of what you believe and how you deal with adversity that dictates the life you have.  So I choose not to live in an unfair and unjust world!

Sometimes I do think I should’ve been born a man though, it would make it a lot easier for people to understand my RBF and dry sharp tongue but alas I am a woman in a pretty seemingly-sweet, looking package.  A confusing test of sorts?  Hmm…

Anyway my theory – besides that I was most recently a man in a past life – is that we all choose our bodies and the forms we come to Earth in, and our parents and where we’re born, for very specific life lessons for our souls to evolve.  Call me an idealist call me a dreamer but hey it makes life a hell of a lot easier and much more enjoyable when you’re not blaming everyone and everything for your shortcomings or the shitty circumstances you find yourself currently in!

The second you take responsibility is when your life starts to make radical changes.

I digress… It is great to see female heroines kicking ass and doing incredible choreographed fight scenes.  It’s touching really.  A place deep inside that connects up to the strength that I’ve always felt within my own self.

So to that I say… More Please!