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GST Body by Anna Rahe

The Grace Somatomorphic Technique… A stretching, strengthening, repairing system for dancers, athletes, and everyone in between.  I am a long time dancer and athlete and am constantly looking for something to relieve my muscle and joint pain and help realign my body – this system does just that.  Anna is a genius at body awareness and knowing what kind of support a body needs in order to heal itself.  Her technique focuses on stretching and strengthening not just the muscles and joints but the fascial system that connects them.  Working with these subtle fibers reworks and rewires the entire musculoskeletal system.  Allowing for healing, strengthening, and a higher performance ability at the deepest level.  In life as well as in our bodies, all things are connected… GST is a system of movements and stretches that gets us more in touch with that.

Currently GST Body classes are offered in the Los Angeles area, and Online.  Which means your body can be supported anytime, anywhere!