I’m so very excited to share HealthySexyMindful’s first ever guest post.  Charlene is a blogger herself, and though she loves blogging about the music/entertainment industry as a career, her heart yearned to write an off topic post that felt dear to her own heart.  Here she shares her feelings on true love and soul-mates…



Some people never meet their “better half”. According to people who have, when you meet yours, you experience a feeling of instant recognition. And over time, they bring out the best in you. Call yours whatever you want; your soul mate, your lover, your kindred spirit. The label doesn’t matter.

It sounds sort of magical doesn’t it? Finding your soul mate or lover?
Someone to kiss and to go on dates with. Someone whose hand you squeeze during scary movies. Someone to open your life to, give your heart to. Someone you can see yourself with, years and years down the road.

But finding that person is scary. Every love song, movie and romance novel has created a perception of what finding that person is supposed to be like.
If we were to believe the unrealistic fantasy – a lover is supposed to be attractive, sexy, enticing, reliable and romantic. Everything we’ve ever dreamed of, right? He (or she) is supposed to be this perfect person. But is perfection in love real?

Finding a flawless, “complete me” type of person is pretty impossible, I think. But that’s a good thing because none of us would make the cut. That’s why we shouldn’t look for something picture perfect. I think a lot of people have got it all wrong. Love isn’t about finding the perfect person. I think love is also about finding a best friend. Because once you find that person, you have someone you’re compatible with on many levels – not just romantically.

How will you know if you’ve found your soul-mate? I’ve narrowed it down to the basics.
Find someone you can be completely free around. Someone to wake up to in the mornings in your oldest, most comfortable PJ’s and not feel like you have to be anything you’re not.
Find someone to laugh with, to stay up late talking with, and go on adventures with.                                                Someone who thinks your My Little Pony collection is cool, who knows every little thing about you, and loves you anyway.
Someone to share comfortable silences with, because just being together is enough.                                                       Most importantly, find someone you can trust enough to talk openly with, without any fear of being judged or criticized – who will be there for you, no matter what.

When you find that person you will share moments that are so special and so personal it would be impossible to explain to anyone. That’s when you know you’re with the right person- your soul mate, your lover, your kindred spirit.


About the Author

Charlene is an advocate of individuality and a firm believer in pancakes for dinner. Her biggest passions are writing and music, with bylines at Glamour Magazine’s Online Edition, Thrive Global, Backstage with Jon Bon Jovi and Huffpost. She loves movies, reading and is a closet comic book superhero geek. As an avid Harry Styles enthusiast, she spends far too much time watching his music videos online.