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Find Your Voice On The Pole…

Sometimes life introduces you to people that have a well of depth inside of them, they’ve connected to the place where all things spring out of and the conversation can begin there.  This, if you haven’t realized, is my favorite place.  I hate the surface.  I love to be entrenched, swallowed whole, submerged for as long as I can withstand… Even better when I find someone that’s willing to take the dive with me.

Sheila Kelley is one of these people.  She’s gone into the deepest parts of a human’s being, using the body as her guide.  She can take one look at you and cut through the bullshit, getting right to the core.  Maybe she was born with it, maybe it’s a talent she’s honed over the years through her keen observation, dedication, and animal whispering work, either way it’s a gift.  And if you can trust in her, and her process, you will transform.

Learning, however, is not always an easy task.  Being on the pole can bring up an entire spectrum of emotions -Fear, doubt, anger, grief, pain, frustration, hunger, desire, ecstasy- You name it and you can use the pole to feel it and heal it.   Whatever you embody will come up.  No words have to be exchanged, the body knows what it holds, and the being knows how to release it.

Once your body and being have integrated the dance moves, there’s no need to think or protect yourself anymore, you can let go and give in to the experience.  What was once the inspiration to get started (the most intensely fun, innovative, kick-ass workout that gets your body in the best shape of its life) is now only part of the reason to stay.

Now that it’s just you, the pole, and the music, everything else melts away, and you get to go on the ride.  Each dance is different, each day an entirely new experience of yourself.  What gets revealed is your essence.  Sheila calls it our Erotic Creature but to me it’s more innately who I am.

At S the Journey is all about embracing your sublime feminine self.  Be unapologetic in your expression of her.  Be the beautiful goddess you were born to be.  The world is waiting.

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