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Fall In Love, With Torrey DeVitto

I met Torrey to shoot this interview just a couple of days before she was moving her entire life from Los Angeles to Chicago. In the midst of her latest adventure she was uprooting herself to become a permanent member on NBC’s new spin off, Chicago Med.  Torrey’s newest role has her playing pediatrician, Dr. Natalie Manning.

You’ve all heard the saying Life imitates Art, or vice versa?  Well, Torrey has been working with children for many years now, one of the first things she and I bonded over was putting together a charity event for the organization she’s been such a huge advocate for, Road to Hope.  Over the years she has traveled to Africa and seen first hand the work they do there that is changing the lives of numerous children and the people who care for them.  Much of Torrey’s life has been about giving back and finding time to help others, which is why it’s so fitting that her art has caught up with all of the great work that she’s done in her real life.

As soon as she arrived in Chicago the show entered her into a doctor training of sorts, where she learned and honed new skills to make her character even more authentic.  With the combined efforts of the work that she’s done throughout the years, with Road to Hope and Hospice, and the new activities she’s learning being a part of this ensemble, Torrey is set to make a very real, very caring, doctor.

This is what is so powerful about acting.  All the gifts we have to offer, that are normally reserved for our private lives, are given willingly to the characters we play.  And the clearer one gets about their desires and purpose in life, the more their art seems to reflect that intention.  On one hand it’s make believe, on the other it’s not.

Essentially you are creating your own world.  And while sharing your unique vision and experience, your truth travels through the airwaves like a butterfly effect, into the hearts of the audience.  Sharing your essence with the entire world.

It takes a certain kind of person and commitment to be up for this challenge.  There are years of unseen practice, and numerous experiences, that go into who you are and what you’re willing to expose.  Over time all of that is ready to blossom, and you become what you were destined to be.

Torrey has done the preparation.  She remains open, willing, and excited.  Aware of the gift of it all, and handling it with grace and a smile on her face.