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Connecting With Arielle Kebbel

Recently I sat down to do an interview with my friend Arielle Kebbel.  Kebbel has had an impressive artillery of roles over the years, with films like the Grudge 2, The Uninvited, John Tucker Must Die and recurring roles on some of pop cultures most recognizable TV shows, Gilmore Girls, 90210, and the Vampire Diaries.  This year Arielle is solidifying her statement in the industry and making an even bolder, lasting impression.  With her stunningly real, and at times painful, portrayal of ‘Brittany’, a contestant on Lifetime’s new hit show, UnREAL.  And her ballsy series regular character Tracy, starring opposite The Rock, on HBO’s breakout sports series Ballers.
Over the years I have seen Arielle work incredibly hard in this business.  She has kept pushing, and never stopped believing.  Arielle has always seemed to have an unspoken faith in herself but over the past two years I have watched as she’s taken more risks and let go of any false need to please others.  She has put her own truth on a pedestal.  Taking an honest look at both her inner, and outer worlds.  She has become empowered in a whole new way.
Thrust into the throws of success, her journey does not stop.  It becomes even more poignant, more important to stay on top of her game.  She is constantly navigating finding the time to balance, get centered, and check in with what is important.  As her success grows, everything else is asked to grow along with it.  Successful people must create successful habits.  Here Arielle discusses some of the healthy habits she’s implemented along the way, tricks that she’s learned, and her own unique process to getting here.