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Chris Evans On Anxiety And Depression

We’ve grown accustomed, or addicted rather, to chasing a fast paced lifestyle. Forced by some unforeseen need to get ahead. Jumping right into a life lived in fast forward, without ever asking our beings, is this lifestyle copacetic?

Even when we stop, our brains do not, the wheels keep churning. And when the pressure gets too great- our minds overloaded with thoughts having nowhere to go, no action to take- panic sets in and anxiety ensues.

Where did our ability to be still go? When did we lose the capacity to just be, with our selves? What are we so afraid of…

I am no exception. I find myself wondering why I am not happy at times, and I realize I am searching for something… Something no outward action will fulfill.

At first when I am quiet, and not feeding the addiction of running away, I feel squirmy… The stories my mind tries to tell me about life are scary. But the more I sit with myself the more I begin to see the repetitive patterns in my thinking and behavior. My mind wants to judge, fight, and make excuses for just about everything but I know that beyond all of that discomfort there is more. And I know that I have to go in in order to connect with the truth that lies underneath all of these ideas I’ve adopted.

Whether it be yoga, dance, meditation, religion, or even as simple as connecting to our breath… It’s imperative that we counteract the thrust of velocity we put outward and refocus our attention toward what our internal self is asking of us. Over and over again. Even when it feels scary and overwhelming.

Once our mind quiets down we will find clarity. And even eventually, peace. In the stillness we remember what is really important.

When we connect with our inner selves, we remember who and what we are.

Formless. Label-less. Limitless. And unidentifiable, by a mind.