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CHRIS EVANS Part 1- Does The Past Dictate Your Future?

Do you let your past dictate your future? Who we are when we’re growing up often defines who we become for the rest of our lives. We are shaped by our individual insecurities and our desperate need to fit in. Allowing our fear to run us, most of us get stuck in this cycle for the entirety of our lives.

Chris Evans knew from a young age that this fear based side of himself was not his truth. More and more people are coming to this realization. Becoming aware is the first step in not letting the story of who you were dictate who you will become.

The key is to not resist your internal narrative and label it as negative but instead to surrender and become the watcher. The One that is aware of all things but not predicated on any particular outcome. Observation is not passive- there is strength in separating from the story you identify with. And when it doesn’t own you, you are free.

The willingness to step through the fear, into the possibility of something new and unknown, is where life gets really interesting. Shedding the old layer of who you were and becoming something greater than you could have ever known.