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African Black Soap- An Aphrodisiac?

Is soap an aphrodisiac?  Can soap be sexy?
My husband came home from work one day with a box of this Nubian Heritage Black Soap, I never thought soap could be a tantalizing experience but this soap may prove it can.  I mean, I like soap as much as the next person but until now it’s always been a necessary means to an end of getting clean.  Now each time I get in the shower it’s an aromatic, joyful, experience that puts a smile on my face.  My bet is that if you’re anything like us, you will just as easily become addicted to this explosion of the senses experience.
Firstly, NH soap is Black- which automatically makes it cool in my book- Black is my favorite color and makes everything look sleek.  Each individual bar is pressed with pieces of oats that create a built in exfoliant- no loofah needed.  What has really won me over though is the SCENT.  Ohmygodthescent!   It is to die for.  It’s creamy, and sweet but not in an overbearing way at all.  Disclaimer!: I’ve never been a fan of those super-strong overly perfumie fake smelling scents- they always give me a massive headache- if that’s what you like then this soap probably isn’t for you!  NH soap smells natural, real, and subtle.  Forcing me like a junkie to keep coming back for more.  I’m not sure what ingredient gives it it’s heavenly, fruity, vanilla-ish, candy-like scent- maybe it’s the Shea butter/plantain peel combination?  But I am a HUGE fan.
This soap has not once irritated my sensitive skin, and it moisturizes so well that there are days I’ve forgotten to put on lotion afterward and I don’t spend the entire day feeling itchy.  With natural ingredients that are never tested on animals, this soap isn’t your run of the mil grocery store soap (I mean who needs extras like aluminum, parabens, artificial colors and fragrances anyway? Ick.).  I happen to think it’s well priced and worth it to wash the largest organ of my body (my skin) with non-toxic, chemical free, ingredients:  Like Palm Ash- Which has been used in Africa for centuries to minimize the appearance of skin blemishes and ailments like eczema and psoriasis; Vitamin E- Helps to protect against free radicals and wrinkles; Aloe Vera- Is anti-inflammatory and an anti-allergen, balancing and calming my skin; And Shea butter- Is another incredible moisturizer that has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.  With all of these wonderful, soothing qualities it has quickly moved to the top of our list as the go-to body soap of our household.
So, can a bar of soap be Sexy?  Can it be an Aphrodisiac…?  Give it a try and Decide for yourself.
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