“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Our Founding Father’s intended to create a better life for us.  And in America, 2015, we live pretty good lives.  Free from so many of the struggles that we once faced, from the dangers that so many countries still face.  But have we found lasting Happiness, are we really Liberated?

Independence as a State of Mind.
We can be dependent upon many things… Parents, spouses, jobs, governments, and even our own minds.  It may sound crazy to think of your mind as a separate entity that you are dependent upon but once you begin investigating you will realize how much our thoughts are running our lives.  And if our thoughts are running our lives, are they of benefit to us?   Are we having the thoughts we want to have?  Are we choosing them, or are they choosing us?

I remember being little and having a daydream about sitting in a room watching the tv, and on the tv was a mirror image replica of other people watching their tv, and on their tv were people watching tv too.  A picture, within a picture, within a picture.  Like in Inception the three levels of consciousness.  You must wake up from one, to become aware of another.  Which makes you wonder… If we can become aware of our own thoughts and realities, then who, or what, is it that is aware?  If we are not the one that is thinking, then are we the one who is observing the thinking?  But then how are we able to see both, what awareness is beyond that?

Independence is a state of mind that can be accessed and achieved anytime, anywhere, in any situation.  Freedom from the mind is not contingent upon anyone but you.  Freedom comes from within, not without.  You hold the lock and the key.  You can be in a prison cell like Gandhi. or oppressed like MLK, and still achieve an internal state of peace.  With no outside circumstance dictating your individual happiness. Many times circumstances cannot be changed but your opinion of them can.  And guess what, once your opinion truly alters, so do your circumstances.
The first step to becoming free, is to realize that you are not the thought you are having.  This can be a daunting idea but if it’s something that really interests you this will be the precursor to going down the rabbit hole.

Once you realize that thought is not your true identity you can begin to observe it.  Once observed, you are now able to put a wedge of space between you, and it.

Example: You are at the movie theater watching a movie, you don’t get confused and think you are suddenly the actors on the screen, do you?  However, there are times that you become so deeply and emotionally invested in what is happening, that you momentarily forget you are just the viewer sitting in the seats.  You lose yourself, for a moment, becoming taken by the story.

This is what watching a thought is like.  One moment you are aware “I am not the thought I am thinking, I am separate from it”  You breathe, surrendering the need to react to the thought and for a moment you are able to find stillness.

Separation: From Thought.

Our minds, unfortunately, are not our friends.  They don’t tell us what we need to hear in order to support our growth- like “You can have anything you want!  You are a successful, amazing, individual – GO FOR IT!”  Um, No.  Instead our mind usually confirms to us why we suck, why everyone else sucks, and why we don’t have what we want yet.

The mind can be a useful tool but first we must see it for what it is.  The majority of thinking is need based.  It arises out of a desire for some thing we do not currently have.  And it’s programs have been solidified by our own history’s.  So, if what you desire is a new experience, your mind doesn’t have the answer – it can only tell you what it already knows.  So, how do you access new information?  You must go Beyond the mind, into uncharted territory (which may feel terrifying and like a loss of control- Breathe!), it’s your job to observe, without reaction.

First, harness the mind, then you can direct where you want it to go and how you want it to be used.  It’s like breaking a stallion.  In the beginning the stallion is so strong it seems impossible that he will ever be tamed but with time, patience, and diligence the stallion learns that you are the one in charge.  Once broken you are able to funnel the horses magnificent abilities.

Once you are able to suspend reality and hold the space of stillness, this is where things get interesting.  Here, is where anything can happen.  It is the Vacuum in Quantum Science, the state that IS:  It’s Nothing; and Everything.  Here, is the state before creation, before manifestation.  There is no judgement, no reaction, only presence.

The more you practice unifying with this source, the more divine inspiration will come through you.  And as you learn to trust and receive, Transformation occurs.  You’ve tapped into the Intelligent Infinite.  It’s here, for You.