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Going with the theme of the name of my blog the only thing constant is change, and as I grow and shift so too does the outward reflection of what I’ve manifested in the world.

The Thought of The Day section of my blog allowed me the ability to create a space that focused my mind on a set intention each morning. Now that the habit has been formed something new is calling for my attention and I must utilize the time and energy previously focused on this page to bring it to fruition.

A book of my ‘Thought of The Day’ section is in the works!!

There will be new changes coming to EVOLVE as well. New sections and yummy, healthy, recipes for all to enjoy!

I do hope you will continue this journey with me as I grow and shift and that you too will embrace your own metamorphosis.

“As one thing dies and fades away it always makes room for new to emerge…”

With loving gratitude,

Lindsey McKeon